If you have a special job, get a specialist to do it. An arborist is not a tree lopper. We have several arborists in the team at Unley’s Atlas Tree and Stump Services who are experts. 

Tree Help When You Need It With Adelaide’s Best Arborists

Our professionals know what it takes to safely trim a tree without destroying the tree itself.

You can’t just hack into it with a chainsaw; in the same way a doctor works, a tree has to be assessed and examined before any work can take place. Our arborists are highly educated, carrying bachelor degrees of Environmental Management or Certificates in Arboriculture, so you know work is being carried out by knowledgeable professionals.

For work on uncommon species, getting a professional in to look before work commences is always a good idea. While some businesses put themselves forwards as tree experts, in reality they’re just tradespeople with chainsaws. Becoming a qualified arborist takes years of work and Atlas Trees is proud to employ some of them.

Whether you’ve got a unique tree or just want a professional to look over your yard, know you’re getting some of the best experts in Adelaide when you talk to Unley’s Atlas Trees.

The Atlas Professionals

Atlas Trees offers the highest standard of plant maintenance in the Adelaide area. Whether we’re Removing  treespruning branches or removing palms, we work safely, efficiently and around your schedule. We understand that having workmen around your property with heavy equipment is a disruption, so we work as quickly as possible while maintaining the maximum standard of safety possible.

Our prices are affordable enough that anyone can have a professional arborist in to help them out with removing a dangerous, ugly or dying tree. We know that having an overhanging branch doesn’t just look bad, it can injure your family or damage your home or business if it comes down in high wind. With our help, it can be gone for less money and in less time than you think.

Rely on us to get the job done right the first time. Call our Unley office today on 0416 812 465 or reach us via our contact form for tree maintenance and arborist’s services throughout southern, western and eastern Adelaide. Make your company’s outdoor area or your home’s backyard safer and more attractive with one visit from the team at Atlas Tree and Stump Services.