If your garden is suffering from the presence of a palm tree, get the help you need to get your outdoor area back the way you want it.

Safe Maintenance or Removal for Adelaide Palm Trees

Atlas Tree and Stump Service offers Adelaide residents palm tree removal and tree surgery throughout the eastern, southern and western areas of the city.

Palm trees can be dangerous to both the rest of your garden and people using the property. Their outer fronds frequently shed and in high winds can cause damage to structures or injure passerbys. Often these fronds are necessary to protect against frost damage, but depending on your circumstances our arborists may recommend removal.

These trees also consume an enormous amount of water, potentially stealing much needed fluids from your other plants and causing them to wilt and die. Palm tree removal could see your garden burst to life, and will give you a space for a tree much more accustomed to Adelaide’s hot climate.

With safe procedures, public liability insurance and a careful approach to every job, big and small, you can count on a satisfying and effortless removal process from our team.

Tree Surgery from our Team

As trees age, they often grow in awkward or inconvenient ways that can interfere with surrounding structures or even cause damage to the tree itself. Tree surgery can address these issues. Thinning or bracing the branches of a tree could improve its appearance and keep it healthy and beautiful for longer.

Bracing a trees’ limbs means branches are less likely to come down in high wind. Where trees have developed inherent weaknesses it can be necessary to contact us for tree surgery to address these issues. It could protect your property or your family from harm.

Having our technicians thin the branches of an aged tree means more light for the rest of your garden. If you’re struggling to get your garden where you want it to be, trimming excess branches could mean better growth due to more sunlight, as well as and fewer places for possums to hide.

Speaking of possums, installing a guard or collar around the trunk could even prevent them entering the branches all together. More than a few delicate trees have been damaged by possums eating their leaves, so if you want to keep yours looking fantastic, talk to us today about this or any of our services, including tree removal and pruning

Contact our office today on 0417 812 465 for service throughout the eastern, western and southern metropolitan areas of Adelaide.